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I am often asked what exactly ARE fine art photography composites? A composite photograph is made by combining more than one image, creating a single final composition. Composite photography has an endless possibility of uses and is used by artists to create photographs that are either too difficult to capture in real life, or are just not possible to create using traditional photography methods. Most modern composites are created by combining multiple layers of images and then masking out the unwanted pieces, or using a variety of blending modes to bring them together into a single image. When done well a composite photograph creates an illusion that all of those elements are part of the same scene, sometimes resulting in surreal effects, and other times in very subtle ways to achieve believable results.

Although used before the digital era, composite photos are very common today and you have probably seen them, sometimes without even knowing, on the internet, in advertising, books, album covers, in the news, at the movies and on your social media feed. Many digital artist create spectacular and creative fantasy images that are sold in fine art galleries around the world.

Because composite images are often visually appealing and compelling designers often use them when providing visual content on everything from blog posts to art projects. The newest form of composite photography is called a cinemagraph - a composite image that blends both still and moving elements.

The only limit is your imagination!

Why do I create composite images?

I'm probably one of the few Ontario photographers who offer this style of composite photography to the everyday person. Ever since I was a child I have had big imagination. The world is full of wonder and amazing things. But as we grow into adulthood we are often lost in the distractions of day to day life and forget to allow our minds to wander off into that magical world where anything is possible. Mermaids. Princes and princesses. Fairies. Superheros. Magical places and beings. This is what my fine art composite and fantasy photography is all about. Come join me on a fantastic journey and let’s see where our dreams will take us! There are no limits to our imagination and what we can create together!

If you are unsure if this type of photography is a good fit for you, or are looking for inspiration and ideas of what is possible have a look at my fine art composite gallery and then contact me using the form at the bottom of this page if you have any questions about the process.

How do composite photography sessions work?

The creation of your composite photography image begins with a personal consultation where we will discuss your ideas of how you dream of being photographed. Once we have finalized the concept and idea I will prepare a quotation for the pricing of your session that will take into account the complexity of the project, the exclusivity and usage of the final image(s) as well as any additional expenses that may apply (for example costuming, hair and makeup, props, location permits and fees). You will also be able to view the different ways in which your image may be displayed - on a rich ready to hang canvas, large fine art prints or something completely unique. If and when you would like to proceed with booking your session we will sign a contract that outlines everything we have discussed and finalize plans for your photography session. Depending on the scope of the project this may happen in my photography studio, outdoors or at a special venue or location that fits the theme. After you have been photographed the magic really begins, as I start the complex creative and technical process of combining all of the elements that will come together to create your final image. Once your image is ready you will be invited to my studio to view your amazing fine art image(s) and have an opportunity to order any prints or canvases should you wish to display your custom creation in your home or business.

Often the subjects of my composite images are photographed in studio, and then the background plates and other elements are all added in using Adobe Photoshop and other digital manipulation tools.

Studio Photography: Behind the ScenesMagical Composite Photography (Dragon): Photography by Alana Lee

Price of composite photography images

Because of the unique nature of composite photography your session price will be customized according to the scope of your project. No two composites are ever exactly the same, and some require a lot more time to plan, execute and edit. The price of a fine art composite image is higher than that of traditional portraits and reflects the additional time and skill needed to create these magical images. From time to time I offer special concept images in which you can be composited into. These images start at $425 and go up from there. Signature composite images that are truly unique to you will range anywhere from $1500 and up depending on the concept and complexity of the creation.

Booking your composite photography session

If you are interested in learning more about a truly unique portrait experience, or have an idea that you just aren't sure is possible, get in touch and we can start making plans to make your dreams become reality!