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Professional images are imperative in today’s modern marketing, promotion and sales strategies. A branded photo session with Toronto headshot photographer Alana Lee includes a consultation to plan your project and ensure your images reflect your business, marketing strategy and style. Your session will be completely customized and may include headshots, flat lay mock-ups, and/or stock images that feature your business, product and/or service.

Alana also offers professional headshots for actors, singers, dancers, real estate agents, students, and business professionals. All headshot images purchased from Photography by Alana Lee are fully retouched, delivered as high resolution digital files and include licensing for personal and professional use.

Represent your brand with headshots and styled portraits to market you, your brand and your business.

What do your social media images say about you?

First impressions count, and in today’s online world you need to ensure your social media images portray your personal brand in a professional and engaging way.

Book your complimentary consultation with Alana Lee Photography and ask about adding web ready digital media to your personal branding or portrait photography session. From square profile images to banners and everything in between, have perfectly sized images ready to easily upload to all of your social media.

Add a social media image package to your headshot or branding session and you will receive web ready versions of your images, already sized, formatted and optimized to make you look great online.

What is a headshot?

Wikipedia defines a head shot or headshot as a "specific type of portrait where the focus is a person's face. The term is usually applied for photographs that realistically demonstrate a person's appearance for branding or casting".

A headshot represents you, and your brand, in an authentic and engaging way and is an essential tool for actors, models, entertainers, dancers, corporate and business professionals, students and jobseekers looking for employment and sometimes even singles looking for companionship using online dating sites.

What is branding?

Branding is all of the ways that you establish a look or image of yourself or your company. Branding is so important in todays' marketing strategies because it sets you apart and differentiates you from your competition. A well designed and executed branding strategy gives you an edge in ever increasingly competitive job and commercial markets.

Branding images can be added to your basic headshot session and may include photographs of you and your staff, team photos, images of your products and services for print or websites, flat lay mockups, images to post on social media, product photography and even images to use on your blog posts.

We will sit down and talk about you and your marketing goals, then plan out what types of images will best represent you and your brand strategy.

Pricing for Headshots and Branding

My basic headshot session starts with a $250 sitting fee that includes a photoshoot at the Alana Lee Photography Studio with your choice of full body, upper body or head crop, a white or grey background and fully retouched digital image delivered via digital download. A single wardrobe choice is included in packages with 1-3 images. Multiple wardrobe changes are welcome when purchasing the 6 image package. Hair & makeup is available at an additional charge – please ask for details about pricing for hair and makeup as well as special packages for large groups, events and corporations.

A branded photo session includes a consultation to plan your project and ensure your images reflect your business, marketing strategy and style. Your session will be customized and may include headshots, flat lay mock-ups, and/or stock images that feature your business, product and/or service. All branding sessions include your professionally retouched digital images delivered via digital download and licensing for use in print and online (for example brochures, print ads, websites and social media) in perpetuity.

How can I best prepare for my headshot session?

Please bring 2-5 different outfits/shirts/jackets/ties to your session.  Together we will decide what works best and this will enable us to create multiple looks if time permits. Wear something you like and that you feel great wearing. Stay away from large or bold patterns and prints. Neutral and jewel toned colors work best and grey, black or white are always a great choice. Please avoid bringing clothing with visible logos, text or images - solids are best. Also, please prepare your clothing by steaming or ironing prior to coming to your session. If we are just doing headshots then you don't have to worry about your shoes, however it is always a good idea to bring coordinating footwear that goes with your branding just in case. If you are unsure of what to bring, please contact me and we can arrange a wardrobe consultation in person, or over video chat online to review your wardrobe options prior to your session.

Unless it is your signature trademark jewelry is best left off and accessories should be kept to a minimum. You should be the feature of your headshot, not your fashion choices. If you must wear earrings then studs are better than danglers. Large, chunky necklaces should also be set aside. Of course, if you would normally wear a culturally appropriate or religious head covering, veil or form of clothing then please do so for your headshot session. It is important that your headshot image is a true reflection of who you are as a person.

I don’t recommend makeup for men, but do ensure your skin is moisturized and you may wish to bring a chapstick if your lips tend to be dry. Take extra care if shaving the day of your photos. If you plan on having your hair cut it is best done a few days before your headshot. Some men choose to be photographed first with their facial hair and then bring shaving tools along and shave mid way through your session to capture both looks.

Ladies may wish to have their hair and makeup professionally done for your session (ask if you need a referral). If you are doing your own then it is best to use a more natural look with muted tones, and bring your kit with you – less is more, and trust that I will take care of everything using professional lighting techniques that will accentuate your positives and help with those little imperfections.

If you normally wear glasses please bring them to your session. Bring multiple pairs if you have them. Lenses with antiglare coatings work the best to avoid reflections. We will work with some posing tricks to ensure the amount of reflections in your glasses is minimized or eliminated completely.

Ensure you drink plenty of water in the day or two prior to your session and get lots of rest. Come with a positive attitude and please do feel free to contact me at should you have any questions prior to your session!

What to expect during my headshot session

We will photograph until we capture the desired look, but typical basic sessions last approximately 20-30 minutes. Throughout your session I will direct your posing and guide you to capture a confident yet approachable and genuine expression that will convey you at your very best.

We will work with my camera tethered to a laptop that will enable us to review your images on a large screen in real time. This allows us to see the direction we are heading and make any changes necessary as we go along. As such, you will conclude your session feeling confident and positive, knowing what images you will be receiving and that we have accomplished our goal (rather than needing to cull through an extensive proofing gallery after the fact).

If you would like to listen to music during your shoot then you can bring your own playlist or use my music library to select something compatible with the mood we are portraying.

Once we have completed your session you can expect to receive your fully edited and naturally retouched high resolution digital image(s) (in jpg format) to download via a private online gallery or by email within 1-2 weeks. Additional images cropped and ready for social media can also be provided by request.

Your session includes full usage and licensing rights for all of your images. Alana Lee Photography retains the copyright as well as permission to use any images for portfolio, marketing and promotion on social media. Should you wish that your images not appear in my marketing or portfolio please let me know during your session.

Full payment is required prior to your digital images being released for download.

Can you travel to me?

Yes! While most of my headshot sessions take place in my Campbellcroft studio I do also travel and do on location photo shoots. Additional travel and location rates may apply.

What if I can't make my session?

Life happens and I understand if last minute changes come up and you are not able to come to your scheduled session time. If you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled session time then your deposit/session fee may be refunded or applied to a newly scheduled date. If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled session time your retainer/deposit will be forfieted. In any situation please let me know AS SOON as you know you will not be able to make your session or if you are running late.

I hate being photographed or I am not photogenic!

I totally understand that it can be very uncomfortable to be photographed. It makes me squirm sometimes as well, especially if I am unfamiliar with the photographer or the other people looking on. In fact, almost every person that comes into my studio says that they are not comfortable and uneasy about having their picture taken.

I promise that I will do everything I can to make your portrait experience stress free. From offering you a hot or cold drink when you arrive, to having snacks, comfortable waiting area and music available you will feel at home in my studio space.

I take great pride in knowing that my clients leave their headshot sessions feeling empowered, gorgeous, and happy. Together we get the results you want while having fun along the way. It is not your job to be photogenic - leave that to me! I have been trained by the very best in the business and have a bunch of posing and coaching tricks up my sleeve to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the results and how you look in your images.

How often should I update my headshots?

It is always important that your headshot is an accurate representation of who you are. Most people update their headshots every few years, or if their appearance significantly changes with a new hairstyle or look.

More information

If you have any further questions, would like clarification or more information or are ready to book your headshot or branding session you can email me, call me, or contact me using the form below.