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First impressions count, and your image on social media is your opportunity to make a lasting impression. Headshots are not just for actors, models and corporate professionals. Your personal brand is reflected everywhere – from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and all across social media. It is essential that your personal images appearing on social media, publications and in the workplace are authentic, engaging and reflect your brand in the best way possible. Lets work together to capture YOU, at your very best, and make that first impression count!

I have been shooting headshots in the Toronto area since 2015. As an Associate Photographer in the Headshot Crew, I have been trained and accredited by the world's most famous headshot photographer, Peter Hurley. The Headshot Crew is the largest team of headshot and portrait photographers in the world, and as an Associate Photographer I provide service of high quality and standards, using the style, techniques and direction of the Hurley system of headshot photography.


  • Headshots
  • Team photos
  • Social media images
  • Banners
  • Profile images
  • Website photography
  • Promotional marketing materials
  • Web content
  • Flat lay mockups
  • Product photography
  • Blog images


During your headshot or personal branding session I will help coach you with body position and expressions that are most flattering to you and convey your business or personal brand. You are one of a kind, and our goal is to capture images that tell your story. We will work tethered so that you receive real time feedback an see your images as they are captured on screen. Together we review your images during your session and select our favorite choices to be retouched. This saves you time as you won’t have to review cumbersome proof galleries to try to narrow down your top selections.

If you are interested in more information about what a headshot or personal branding session with me is all about, click here! You will find more details, including:

  • My most popular headshot packages and what is included
  • How to prepare and look your best for your headshot session
  • What to wear for your headshot session
  • About the session, and how your images are selected
  • Retouching services

A variety of packages and pricing levels are available to customize your headshot or branding session to suit your business and marketing requirements. Contact the studio the studio today and let’s get started!