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Composite photograph of spiritual minister standing by bonsai tree
Girl in meadow with monarch butterflies: composite photographer Alana Lee
photo of girl in tulle dress standing on mountain
Composite Photographer (Hot Air Balloon Ride): Alana Lee Photographer
Composite Photography Series (Cabinet of Curiosities): The Ballerina
Magical Composite Photography (Dragon): Photography by Alana Lee
A Million Dreams - Creative composite photo inspired by the greatest showman movie
Composite Photography (Ballerina with Feathers): Alana Lee Photography
Composite Photography (dancing girl): Alana Lee Photography
Composite Photograph (Hurricane Harvey): Alana Lee Photography
Fairytale Portraits (glass slipper): Alana Lee Photography
Composite Photography (Girl on wing of airplane): Alana Lee Photography
Portrait Photography (Jennifer Mercer): Alana Lee Photography


Ever since I was a child I have had big imagination. The world is full of wonder and amazing things. But as we grow into adulthood we are often lost in the distractions of day to day life and forget to allow our minds to wander off into that magical world where anything is possible. Mermaids. Princes and princesses. Fairies. Superheros. Magical places and beings. This is what my fine art composite series is all about.


Although we most often think composite imagery is a modern day invention, it has actually been used historically for a very long time. In the 1880's Sir Francis Galton invented a technique to combine multiple exposures on the same photographic plate in what is considered the very first composite photograph.

One of the most fantastic things about living in the digital era is that we are able to harness the power of an ever increasing number of creative design tools that allow us to make just about anything we can imagine come to life. The possibilities are endless! A composite photograph is made by combining two or more components into a single image. Composite images, when done professionally, can look completely real or intentionally surreal.


  • Cosplay and cosplayers
  • Halloween
  • Interior design and decorating
  • Gifts
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Promotional materials
  • Book covers
  • Musicians and album covers
  • Art galleries
  • People wanting unique art for display


Booking a fine art composite session with me starts with your complimentary consultation. I will listen to your ideas about how YOU dream of being photographed and together we will discuss if it is possible to make turn your ideas into reality. You will receive a personalized quote so you know the pricing of your custom session and once you are ready to move forward we will book a time and location and you will sign a contract that outlines everything about your fine art photography experience.

Together we can design the major components that will come together to create your one of a kind work of art - location, costuming, props and all of the little things that will make your art come to life.

Once we have photographed all of the components that will be used in your fine art composite I will then start the magical process of editing using Adobe Photoshop and other tools of the trade to create your final image.

You will receive the final digital image, and we can also review print and canvas options should you wish to display your art in your home or business. If you will be using your composite for business, marketing and/or commercial purposes we will discuss licensing agreements that may be applicable.


Come join me on a fantastic journey and let’s see where our dreams will take us! There are no limits to our imagination and what we can create together! Every magical fine art composite session starts with a no obligation, personal consultation to review and plan your project. Contact me now to get started.


Any trademarks, copyrights, design rights, or similar rights that may be associated with the characters or costumes worn by some clients or features in some of my photography are the property of the respective owners. Alana Lee Photography is not endorsed by or affiliated in any way with the holders of any of those rights.